shameless meme {1/8} relationships ► lip + liam

         ”He’s my baby brother…”

Mickey Milkovich throughout the seasons

favorite character meme ★ [5/6] quotes

a shit-eating grin 
noun (idiomatic, vulgar) 

1. a wide and, to the outside observer, stupid-looking grin, usually showing smugness or self-satisfaction

2. the smirk on one’s face that makes you want to punch it 

3. a huge wide grin worn by a complete asshole before he’s about to or after he just fucked you over 

4. mickey milkovich’s most common facial expression, according to fanfic writers everywhere always until we all wither and die probably

shameless alphabet  destruction


me: this show is so fucked up

me: *continues watching*

shameless challenge | [1/1] favorite friendship(s) ► Fiona Gallagher and Veronica Fisher
"Knew I could count on you."

fiona  +  season 4


I’m scared that people would lie to me or are lying to me. Compliments like “you’re so pretty” or “I love you” make me uncomfortable because I always think these are just made up things to make me feel better or because people feel obliged to tell me that for whatever reason.